A professional yet fun English educator with a genuine interest in students’ personal development. Graduated Magna Cumlaude from Sanata Dharma University with a degree in English Letters Department. Hold a valid IELTS proficiency test by 7.0, CEFR C1 Advanced Level, and Cambridge scores by 183 from the British Council English Test. Certified as a Competent English Instructor by Lembaga Sertifikasi Kompetensi Pendidik Kursus dan Pelatihan Pendidikan Nonformal. Having more than 10 years of teaching experience as an English Instructor ranged from teaching English for young learners to adults including teaching General English, TOEFL, and IELTS.
Hello! I am Estu and this is a little thing about me. When I was young, I once had difficulties in learning English. It was hard for me to understand, and moreover to speak English. As I keep learning, I realized the main problems. Turned out, in my case, I found it hard to learn English because I did not have enough exposures (listening), I did not know the meaning of words and how to say it (vocabulary and pronunciation), and I did not know how to express things (grammar and speaking expressions). Do you also have similar problems I faced in the past? Don’t worry! This experience leads me to provide a fun learning class which I have been applying in my ten-year teaching in a reputable English Language course so that you can understand and apply English easily for your everyday use as well as your academic purposes. I believe we all realize that nowadays, English proficiency is really essential to achieve both higher education and career goals. Thus, I am thrilled to be your learning partner to help you unlock your confidence and skills in using English!

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