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Teaching is my passion. I have been teaching since I was in 3rd semester of my bachelor degree. I am used to teaching elementary, intermediate, and advanced learners. Teaching makes me understand about various students’ need. What they want is my concern.
I upgrade my capability by taking Linguistics Master Degree. Although I haven’t experienced living in abroad yet, I live in a place where I can get along with foreigners, and I learn a lot from them.
Teaching English requires an appropriate method. Fortunately, I got the chance to join teaching class trained by my best friend from US. What I learned is English needs to be practiced every time.
I will feel comfort if students accept me as their friends. I don’t want to be judged as their teacher. Being friend is more enjoyable than being a teacher because teaching English is about communication, and communication needs chemistry which can be built if both parties have chemistry. That’s only from being friend in every learning.

Conventionally, teaching and learning English are conducted in the classroom where a teacher meets his/her students by face to face learning and having practice together. However, that condition may not be preferred by working people who do not have much time to attend the class. As one of startup companies in Indonesia, offers the smart solution through optimizing the power of gadget and internet network, that is online learning via Whatsapp chat, voice note, and voice call. What a brilliant method of learning English!!!

Ms. Desi’s Note About BritishEnglishClass

I am Desi, one of BEC teacher and I have been joining BEC since 2016. It is my privilege to be BEC teacher because I can build huge networking with all incredible people in our beloved country. Besides, I am able to contribute what I’ve learned in my study to people who also want to improve their English skill.

Teaching via Whatsapp is FUN. Technically, I usually start with bonding chemistry among me and my partners a.k.a students. We have great introducing moment at first. I ask a lot of questions to know my partners need, so I can understand their problems in learning English and adjust the material based on my partners’ ability in comprehending English.  After that, we drill vocabularies before going further to grammar and discourse. Having many English vocabularies will be the excellent way to speak English fluently.

In conclusion, teaching the concept, motivating and inspiring them to keep confident in speaking English become my daily routine in online teaching because the more practice the better skill we have! Thank you.

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34 thoughts on “Desi

  • I really enjoyed the online course study with Miss.Dessi as my teacher. She’s a very friendly and helpful person. She helped me to focus on what i was wanting to study. She also had a way of communicating her explanation so i could understand easily. After all, this online course was a nice experience for me personally.

    • WhatsApp Number: 0812186033375
  • Wah… untuk saya miss Desi… TOP lah.. saya berulang kali mengikuti kursus di British English Class…. dan berulang kali juga saya minta dia yg membimbing.. krn orangnya asyik dan enak dalam mengajar… Membantu sekali untuk saya selama saya pendidikan di LN. Thanks, dear.. and good luck….

    • WhatsApp Number: 0818842589
  • Saya dan istri saya sangat merekomendasikan ke kalian yang ingin meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris untuk belajar bersama miss Desi, karena:
    – Metodenya mengajar sangat mudah dimengerti, asik, menyenangkan dan kebayakan praktek.
    – Sangat menguasai bahasa Inggris seperti penutur aslinya (grammar, pronunciation dan lain-lain),
    – Waktunya bisa tetap atau bisa flexible (menyesuaikan sama waktunya kita), saya sarankan tetap.
    – Materi yang diberikan sangat sesuai dengan bidang pekerjaan kami.
    Sehingga sekarang kami merasa kemampuan bahasa Inggris kami bertambah meningkat dan pastinya akan terus meningkat. Kami sangat senang sekali belajar bersama miss Desi, untuk itu kami ucapkan terima kasih sudah menjadi guru yang baik bagi saya dan istri saya.

    • WhatsApp Number: 087881802191
  • Saya merasa cocok belajar dengan Miss Desi. Mengajarkan dengan sangat fun dan friendly. Sangat bisa menyesuaikan waktunya dengan saya. Terimakasih miss telah mengajarkan saya walaupun dengan waktu yang singkat, you are a good teacher!

    • WhatsApp Number: 081289244688
    • saya merasa senang jika berkomunikasi dengan Miss Desi.Miss Desi mengajar dengan seru,dan tidak membosankan.Thank you for teaching me,you are a cool teacher!!

      • WhatsApp Number: 087721603394

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