Graduated From Loma Linda University in California, USA

Hello, my name is Clarissa Yonarto. I recently returned back to Indonesia after 5 years of study and work in United States. English has always been my favorite subject back in school and I can make it fun for you too! I learned English (and still learning) through watching movies, listening to songs, and bravely talk to any foreigners I had met. My hobbies are travelling, hiking, taking pictures, and cooking. I did a lot of volunteering activities back in the United States, joining organization such as Stop Hunger Now and Your Best Pathway to Health


September 2015 – June 2017
Loma Linda University. School of Allied Health Nutrition and Dietetics, BS
Loma Linda, CA

January 2014 – June 2015
La Sierra University. Pre-Nutrition and Dietetics
Riverside, CA


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
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Saya berkuliah selama 3,5 tahun di Amerika mengambil jurusan Nutrition and Dietetics di dua kampus berbeda. Kampus pertama, yang biasa disebut dengan college, merupakan tempat dimana mahasiswa mengambil mata kuliah umum. Sedangkan kampus kedua saya, university, adalah kampus khusus di jurusan kesehatan. Selama 1,5 tahun saya belajar di college dan tinggal di asrama. Melakukan hal yang baru, berkuliah dan tinggal di asrama, di tempat yang asing membuat saya sangat antusias.

Ada banyak sekali pengalaman menarik selama saya belajar di Amerika. Mulai dari menerima 6 suntikan di hari pertama saya datang ke college, salah satu prasyarat untuk murid asing, sampai dengan memiliki teman sekamar dari Nepal. Saya bekerja untuk pertama kalinya di Amerika dan juga untuk pertama kalinya, saya menyetir sendiri selama 6 jam tanpa henti. Meskipun banyak perbedaan yang bisa saya rasakan dari tanah air, saya sangat menikmati belajar dari kebudayaan yang berbeda. Kebetulan juga California, dimana saya tinggal, adalah salah satu negarabagian yang sangat beragam kebudayaannya.

Beragam taman nasional tersebar di Amerika. Masing-masing memiliki keunikannya sendiri. Air terjun yang megah, pohon-pohon terbesar yang pernah saya lihat, mengamati beruang beserta anak-anaknya, dan masih banyak lagi pengalaman seru di taman nasional. Taman nasional adalah tempat favorit saya di Amerika.

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6 thoughts on “Clarissa

  • I finished my course with Ms. Clarissa last week. I enjoyed study with her.
    She is a good teacher, funny, friendly, and also smart. She will patiently teaches and gives very long explanations for your mistakes (which is good to improve our English), even for the basic one, like punctuation.

    She also has wide range knowledge. So, don’t worry, you are not going to run out of topics.

    I recommend Ms. Clarissa as your teacher, you’ll not regret it. I also have a plan to continue my next course with her in the near future.

    Thank you very much Ms. Clarissa

    (I’m pretty sure, there are mistakes in my review above. But, hey, I’m still learning) 😉

    • WhatsApp Number: 085740733970
  • Ms. Clarissa is a good teacher in teaching English. She is able to teach her students based on the learning patterns of her students in learning English.
    Thank you Ms. Clarissa and BEC

    • WhatsApp Number: 085213270017
  • She’s an amazing teacher. I don’t think anyone else could have made english seem so easy.
    I think BEC have to increase her salary 😉

    • WhatsApp Number: 083838010545
  • I have just finished my package last week with Ms. Clarissa. It was a 12 chatting sessions and 12 speaking (conversation) sessions package.
    She is a very good teacher.
    She is also punctual, so she will remind you at least 5 minutes before every schedule begin.

    Your English skill will be improving with Ms. Clarissa. Because she is very conscientious. She will make corrections for any mistakes you might make. Not only for the grammars/structures/etc, but even the puntuation marks as well.

    I think chatting classes and speaking classes both are important.
    In a chatting session you have enough time to think before typing. And in a chatting session there are many things that you can’t find in a speaking (conversation) session, for example punctuation marks, capital letters, and so on, that needs correction(s) when necessary.
    But in a speaking class you can practice how to talk correctly and fluently.

    I very recommend Ms. Clarissa as your teacher for those who will improve the English skill seriously.

    Thank you very much Ms. Clarissa. I enjoyed all of the sessions I had with her. And I will continue with her in the next package.

    Rudy Sutadi

    • WhatsApp Number: +6288980006000
  • Terima kasih atas Trial Class yang diberikan oleh Miss Clarissa. Saya sangat menikmati belajar dengan Miss Clarissa dan saya memiliki tambahan pengetahuan yang baru. Utamanya terhadap tanda baca dan grammar saya. Saya sangat menikmari belajar bersama Miss Clarissa dan berharap nantinya bisa melanjutkannya di dalam kelas.
    Terima kasih sekali lagi buat Miss Clarissa dan BEC.

    • WhatsApp Number: 081245162660
  • Hallo,
    Saya baru saja menyelesaikan Trial Class dengan Miss Clarissa.
    Saya sangat senang bisa mendapatkan Miss Clarissa sebagai guru di kelas Trial saya. Dan saya sangat puas. Miss Clarissa bisa mengajar dan membimbing saya dalam kesulitan utama saya yaitu grammar. Saya cukup kaget, ternyata selama ini grammar saya banyak salahnya. Terima kasih miss untuk bantuannya. Dan saya sangat ingin melanjutkan kelas bersama Miss Clarissa nantinya. Semoga waktunya kita nanti cocok ya Miss . Sekali lagi terima kasih miss Clarissa dan BEC, saya senang sudah berada di wadah yang benar.

    • WhatsApp Number: 081311002885

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