Master in Hospitality Management, New York University

Hi Future Students! I am Axelia Christy or X for short. I love to learn and share knowledge; hence, I am here on this website to teach you English. First of all, let’s see how qualified I am to teach you, and hopefully, you will be interested in learning from me.

Education Background:
I was born in Jakarta, and Bahasa Indonesia is my mother tongue. Although! I would say that I am better in English than Bahasa Indonesia because when I was younger, I went to an International school in Jakarta and learn everything in English. Starting from middle school (SMP), I moved to Singapore until college (S1), then I moved again to New York City for my (D3 in Culinary Arts) and Master Degree (S2) in Hospitality Management. During my master degree program at New York University, I won a $20,000 scholarship from the school for my performance. For those of you who are aiming for a scholarship or school application abroad, I can help you with your test as I had gone through all type of applications which I applied myself without agents.

Work Experience:
All my work experiences were abroad. I had been an Art Director in a design agency in Singapore, a Marketing, Sales and Design Associate in a Publishing Company in New York City, and a Line Cook and Assistant Manager in a New York City’s Michelin Stared restaurant. Aside from working, I am also an entrepreneur. Studying abroad gets pretty expensive, so I have to fund myself by working. These jobs that I mentioned were not enough to pay for my living expenses. Hence, I create an e-commerce fashion brand and host Airbnb on the side.

Now I am in Bali running my business in Villa and Property Management. Since I had been abroad for a long time, I want to give back to my country by teaching English to those in needs while also learning from YOU, my future students, to improve my Bahasa Indonesia again. I hope that I get to talk to you who read this profile and we can learn from each other!

What I can help you: Speaking, Pronunciation, Public Speaking, Proof Reading, Translating, Presentation, Scholarship Programs, Daily Conversation, Slangs, Basic English, Job Interview, Business Classes, Business Conversational, Professional Writing, Hospitality Conversation, MLA/IPA report formats, etc.


Hi Future Students! Di bawah ini adalah contoh pelajaran untuk tipe kelas Pertamax yang berfokus pada percakapan sehari-hari. Tetapi contoh ini tidak mendefinisikan pelajaran yang akan kamu pelajari, bahkan aku dapat memodifikasi pelajaran sesuai kebutuhan kamu! Berikut adalah pelajaran lain yang bisa saya berikan: Speaking, Pronunciation, Public Speaking, Presentation, Scholarship Programs, Daily Conversation, Slangs, Basic English, Job Interview, Business Classes, Business Conversational, Professional Writing, MLA/IPA report formats, etc.


Goal:Conversational Daily Topics
Class Type:Pertamax
Week 1Descriptive
Class 1Conversation about me I
Class 2Conversation about me II
Class 3Review & Voice Note Conversation
Week 2Giving Opinion
Class 4Giving Opinion I
Class 5Giving Opinion II
Class 6Review & Voice Note Conversation
Week 3Roleplay
Class 7Role Play I
Class 8Role Play II
Class 9Review & Voice Note Conversation
Week 4Business / Academic (Choose 1)
Class 10Business Communication
Class 11Business Correspondences
Class 12Presentation
Class 10Academic Tasks
Class 11Academic Communications
Class 12Presentation


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