Scholarship Mentoring

Mentor: Wahyu Arif Raharjo, S.IP, M.IR

Course Description

This course is aimed at preparing mentee for scholarship application. By the end of the course, mentee will be able to independently observe scholarship opportunities, identify potential for being admitted as awardee/grantee, analyze and arrange one’s own preparation for scholarship application.

Learning Structure

20 x 90 minutes in 1 – 1.5 months period. The teaching is conducted online through Whatsapp messaging application, using English as a language of instruction. The schedule of each session is determined prior to commencing the course, based on the agreement between mentor and mentee.

Learning Outcomes

Be the end of the course, mentees will be able to:

  1. Improve one’s own level of English for scholarship application purpose
  2. Understand mentee’s personal qualification, motivation, objectives in applying scholarship and build credibility to apply for various scholarship
  3. Identify and independently decide suitable scholarship based on objectives, motivation and eligibility
  4. Gain deeper understanding about how scholarship schemes work
  5. Improve the ability to write quality study plan, motivation letter and essays for scholarship application purpose
  6. Prepare quality answer and gain the confidence to answer questions during answers for scholarship interview

Course Structure

This course is constituted of several sections:

No.Main ThemeTopicDuration
1.Assessment and IntroductionExploring motivation in pursuing further studiesGetting to know each otherUnderstanding scholarship and higher degrees in generalPersonal preparation in applying for scholarship1 session x 1.5 hours
2.Building Personal BrandingAnalyzing leadership quality Professional experience, academic background and activismThe importance of CVExploring past experiences, current position and future objectives2 session x 1.5 hour
3.Study PlanCareer plan and motivation in pursuing further study Plan of study program and concentrationMatching past, present and future in study planSignificance of the studyPlan after graduation4 sessions x 1.5 hours
4.Exploring Study OptionsAspects to explore includes:  study program, university and countryAdmission process and its requirements, deadlines, academic terms, etc.Exploring modules/units of study to match study plan2 sessions x 1.5 hours
5.English RequirementAssessing English levelDiscussing English requirement1 session x 1.5 hours
Choosing ScholarshipExploring scholarship optionsScholarship requirements, vision and missionsMatching scholarship with personal preference and objectives1 session x 1.5 hours
Essays & Motivation LetterExploring various essays and motivation letters for scholarship and admission processCollecting ideas for essays and motivation lettersWriting essays and motivation lettersProofreading and ReviewsRevisions and Finalizing3 sessions x 1.5 hours
Interview PreparationPredicting interview questionsBuilding answers for interview questionsInterview SimulationsBuilding Confidence and Speaking EloquenceReview and Feedbacks5 sessions x 1.5 hours
MiscellaneousStudy life in higher degreesThesis preparationCulture shock1 session x 1.5 hours

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