English Tutor in South Korea, IELTS 7.0

Hello there, people know me as the talkative Viviyan but you can address me as the cheerful Vivi. I am currently a university student living in Batam. Being skilled in English has been giving me opportunities to go places.

I once went for an exchange to South Korea and I was given a responsibility to tutor Korean university students in spoken English. Also, to expand my experience, I went to a high school to be their English extracurricular tutor. I was also an active English debate member back in high school and am currently an English Club committee in university.

My first IELTS score was 7.0 and the class was quiet monotone. I hope we can conduct our classes in a more cheerful style!

Future Perfect Tense

Kita menggunakan Future Perfect Tense ketika kita menjelaskan suatu aktivitas yang akan selesai dalam waktu tertentu di masa yang akan datang. Kita juga perlu menambahkan keterangan waktu seperti; by the time, by then, by June 8th untuk menjelaskan aktivitas-ativitas tersebut.

Formatnya mudah, yaitu : will have + V3 (past participle) dari kata kerja yang digunakan.

Subject will /will not + have + V3/Past Participle Rest of the Sentence
I / You / We / They
He / She / It
will have stayed here for three years by the time the visa expires.
I / You / We / They
He / She / It
won’t have completed all the presentation documents by tomorrow.

Contoh kalimat lainnya;

  1. We will have worked for 6 months by next month.
  2. If everything goes right, I will have graduated by November 30th.
  3. Will they have gone to college by next year?
  4. Won’t you have showered by the time I get there?
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One thought on “Viviyan

  • Vivi adalah guru yang tidak seperti guru pada umumnya. Tepatnya,
    seperti teman.
    Sehingga kita tidak canggung saat berkomunikasi dgn beliau.
    Sabar, friendly dan tepat waktu yg saya suka dari mba Vivi.

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