student at LIA College of Foreign Language (STBA LIA)

My name is Tantry. I am a student at LIA College of Foreign Language (STBA LIA).

I have been teaching English for 3 years (2 years participating in an English program for children and 1 year as a teacher at LB LIA).

I believe teaching is a long-life learning process since in order to able to share the language, teacher will become a learner in the first place. Once we deal with language, we are going to have more knowledge about another field such as culture, technology, and many more. Language never stays the same. Every year or every century, there will be changes and it requires teacher to be keep updated.  In addition, in educating people, I will get something new from the learner that possibly I have never known before.

Long before I started teaching English, I had been working for Bahasa Indonesia course for expatriate and did translations project. Those experiences have enriched me with the knowledge of English, the knowledge that I would love to share.


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