English Department, Bina Nusantara University

Hi! I am usually called by my first name, Stefan. In teaching English, I am usually not strict; I am a laid – back teacher instead. I am a laid – back teacher under the circumstances that you do your work as I tell you to do and it is all done, I am very happy. I want to be not just a teacher – student experience that you have gotten but also a friend talking about English experiences that hopefully you get.

I am graduated as English Literature in December 2015. While I finished semester 3, I was going to New Zealand alone as a summer course student. I learnt a lot in there theoretically and practically as I was alone in there, there was no chance for me to speak other than English.

I was teaching English from semester 8 while I was doing my thesis. It was a course, place where I was an English teacher there. I was teaching the student starting from kindergarten to high – school student. Now I teach in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta for almost one year and a half. There I experienced a lot of being a teacher from teaching English in school to teaching English at office. Thus, I know how to handle kids to adults but currently I am handling teenagers to adults.

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