“English proficiency is a combined effort of persistence and passion. The better you communicate, the more you connect. Master the world’s most popular international languange and see how far you will go.”

Education background: Communication Science, Universitas Sumatera Utara

Hello, my name is Sheila Sulthana. You can call me Sheila or Eila. I work as freelance translator and English teacher. Currently I’m residing in Medan. English has always been a favorite subject of mine because of the possibilities it offers. From expanding knowledge to gaining friendship, English can facilitate you to understand the world in much broader context. I am here to answer your call for mastering English, whether it’s for recreational or professional purpose. To support my offer, I have scored 7,5 on IELTS test and have been teaching English for almost three years. Progress in learning can be achieved in various ways, therefore we are going to learn while having lots of fun! What you enjoy is what you get. So let us begin the journey.

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