Just like orange fruit, sometimes we can predict its sweetness but sometimes we can’t, I guess
personality works that way, you just can guess. However, I don’t want to play hard to describe
myself. I am talk-active person but I don’t like something that pleonastic. I also can say that I
am a risk-taker. For me, it will be better to feel regret after doing something than doing
nothing. So basically, I am an easy going and eager person.
I like science, even though I cannot say I am very good at it. My biggest interest in science is
Chemistry specifically Biochemistry. For the first time I thought it was the easiest subject in
science which I found I was wrong. Well, it could not stop me from taking biochemistry as my
major when I was taking my master degree in ITB. I want to proof that the subject is not as
abstract as I thought it was, like how could you know the presence of the “so called-invisible”
creatures in something. One of my dream is learning it deeper in Germany, which is why I
ever took Germany course for almost a year.
One of my principles is put your best in doing what you like. So, as I mentioned that I like
science and I am a risk taker, after gaining some experiences in the “real world” I decided to
continue my goal to be a scientist, I resigned and try to find one or another way to put myself
back to in university again. I knew that I could not do that with my financial condition back
then. Fortunately, I manage to know a scholarship called LPDP (I believe that every student in
Indonesia knows it now). I tried my luck and thanks to God, I was given that opportunity. Now,
I am looking for another chance to get my objective.
People say in our life we must have plan A and B. So, when the first plan is not working, you
can switch off to the second one. Well, if my plan to be scientist cannot come into reality, I
have backup plan to be a graphic designer. I am learning it very intense because I always
fascinated when I see a digital creation. I hope one of them will work in my life.
Talking about teaching experiences, I can say I am not a newcomer although my experience
in teaching English is not as much as others subjects. I believe that those experiences can help
me to help anyone who want to learn English language.
For me, one of the best way to learn English is to put yourself in it. Do your activities in English
whether when you are alone or with people around. There is no easy step to master this
language. Apply your knowledge! The biggest obstacle is lack of confidence (it also happened
to me). So the key is gaining it, which is what I want the students to achieve in the first place.
To be confidence, we must understand each part in English, not only know the theory. I
believe that a good understanding can be achieved through a good communication. So during
the class, I will create a good atmosphere so the student will not be shy anymore to apply
their English regardless of what level they are. Then I will give a material, it can be an audio,
text, or video file, and together with the student, we will discuss every aspect we can find in
it based on the topic we will learn. At the end of the class, I will give one or some tasks to the
student where we can discuss it at the first few minutes in the next class. I will also give some
tips that I know, which hopefully can boost their English skill.


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