Hello, this is Monika ; I am a recent fresh graduate from Master in Transportation System and Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada. Since I was in Elementary School, I have been keen on learning English, up until now, because to me, learning English is fun and there are always something exciting to explore; also, with English, more knowledge and experience from broader resources, can be more easily obtained. I was also lucky to be given an experience to be an exchange student at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, I did learn a lot of things, not to mention adapting to international environment, and teaching language as my part-time job. I scored 7.5 on IELTS on my first try, and I prepared myself auto didactically (sure, I’m going to share you some tips and trick).

My experiences taught me that learning language is the best by doing a man-to-man direct practice, like listening, and reading-writing with a partner whom you can have fun and are not afraid to make mistake with. I also believe that I would never lost my knowledge by teaching and sharing it to others; instead, I’m getting new insights by teaching, and sharing what I’ve got to you, guys, my future-student. Plus, to me, sharing means caring, and I do care about our country (you, too, right?), and I think teaching English in one of the ways I can contribute for a better Indonesia, as English is one of the gateway to the world.

Meeting new friends, and knowing new culture are things that describe myself, because I believe we can always gain experience and learn something inspiring from everybody, don’t you think? I learned (and still am learning) English the fun ways, so no need to worry about studying English with me, I will try my best to make it fun for you, adjust the material to your goals, and be your fun English-learning partner, as well. So, see you in class 🙂

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