Hello future successful people!!! my name is Miriam, I finished my high school in Malaysia, and applied to a university in South Korea, which ables me to speak English confidently to people, I’m expert in public speaking, and also a fast learner. I gained 2 bands on IELTS within less than a month, whilst most people gain 0.5 within six months, and I will share my tips with my class.
I love to motivate people to learn, and that is why i also volunteer for a motivational camp that is based in Singapore. I’m a very lively person, and love to meet and talk to people. I always do my best to make learning interesting and fun, because I believe when we enjoy learning, we will be able to master the lessons.
I will cover all the parts in English to help you achieve the best that you can be, from speaking, reading, writing, to listening. I will also give you some tips on IELTS and how to study effectively for the exam. So keep your eyes on your goals and I believe you will achieve that soon!
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