Master Degree at Cranfield University, UK

HELLO! My name is Kevin. I graduated from petroleum engineer in Trisakti University and soon will be pursuing my master degree at Cranfield University in United Kingdom. I have been learning English since I was in elementary school. I learned English not only from school, but also from music, movie and reading articles. The most important thing in learning English is practice! You need to do a lot of practice in order to learn faster and don’t hesitate to try speak English, because it help you a lot.

I will be cover all part in English in order to help you achieve your goal, from speaking, reading, writing, and listening. I also can help you on giving tips and training on IELTS preparation to help you achieve the best score.



We use a noun with ’s with a singular noun to show possession:

We are having a party at Andy’s house.
Michael drove his brother’s car.

We use s’ with a plural noun ending in -s:

This is my parents’ house.
Those are ladies’ shoes.

But we use ’s with other plural nouns:

These are men’s shoes.
Children’s clothes are very expensive.

We can use a possessive instead of a noun phrase to avoid repeating words:

Is that Andy’s car?   No, it’s Ani’s [car]. > No, it’s Ani’s.
Whose coat is this?   It’s my brother’s [coat]. > It’s my brother’s.



Subject Object Possessive Adjective
I Me My
You You Your
He Him His
She Her Her
It It Its
We Us Our
They Them Their

We use possessive adjectives:

  • to show something belongs to somebody:

That’s my house.
Her car is very old.

  • for relations and friends:

My mother is a doctor.
How old is your sister?

  • for parts of the body:

He’s broken his car.
She’s washing her hair.
I need to clean my shoe.



Subject Object Possessive Adjective Possessive Pronouns
I Me My Mine
You You Your Yours
He Him His His
She Her Her Hers
It It Its Its
We Us Our Ours
They Them Their Theirs

We can use a possessive pronoun instead of a noun phrase:

Is that John’s car?   No, it’s [my car] > No, it’s mine.
Whose coat is this?   Is it [your coat]? > Is it yours?
Her coat is grey, [my coat]is brown   Her coat is grey,   mine is brown.


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