Dear Future Students,

I’m Erwin, your soon-to-be teacher. I graduated with an A for English from Singapore and will be pursuing my higher education in the University of Virginia in USA. I have been learning English since I was 5 and have attended schools which emphasis strongly on English. I have taught English while I was in Singapore, helping my Singaporean friends in writing essays and scoring well for our exams. I believe that my bilingualism and international experience will be great assets in teaching you guys. If you need any help in IELTS, public speaking, proofreading essays and even for interviews, I can help you with them as well.

Furthermore, my teaching method varies according to the students. I can adjust my technique depending on your needs. So don’t be afraid in trying me out.

Warmest Regards,

Your Future Teacher


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2 thoughts on “Erwin

  • Sebenernya ini kali kedua aku ikut BEC, sebelumnya ikut di chat group karena sebagai awal perkenalan sama BEC, setelah ikut chat group aku ngerasa harus upgrade dan memilih ke kelas pertamax…

    Kebetulan ada free trial dari BEC, dan ketemu lah sama Mr. Erwin.. setelah trial dan aku ngerasa cocok dibimbing sama dia akhirnya semakin mantap ke kelas pertamax …

    Mr. Erwin itu aktif, cerewet jadi lebih komunikatif dibanding aku yg pasif…itu sangat membantu dlm proses belajar aku… Dari awal memang sudah minta sama BEC untuk cariin guru yg komuntikatif…

    Senang akhirnya dpt guru sesuai kemauan aku

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