Translation Studies, Master Degree, Udayana University

Teaching is my passion. I have been teaching since I was in 3rd semester of my bachelor degree. I am used to teaching elementary, intermediate, and advanced learners. Teaching makes me understand about various students’ need. What they want is my concern.
I upgrade my capability by taking Linguistics Master Degree. Although I haven’t experienced living in abroad yet, I live in a place where I can get along with foreigners, and I learn a lot from them.
Teaching English requires an appropriate method. Fortunately, I got the chance to join teaching class trained by my best friend from US. What I learned is English needs to be practiced every time.
I will feel comfort if students accept me as their friends. I don’t want to be judged as their teacher. Being friend is more enjoyable than being a teacher because teaching English is about communication, and communication needs chemistry which can be built if both parties have chemistry. That’s only from being friend in every learning.
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One thought on “Desi

  • ngambil paket pertamax bersama mba desi and it’s worth it… orangnya sabar,profesionalisme tinggi dan yang paling penting adalah friendly.kaya punya temen baru 🙂

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