How do you do! My name is Brian Nur, You can call me Brian or Om bri. I have graduated from Forestry Major in University of Gadjah Mada. “Why a forester (that’s what I like to call the alumni of forestry major) intended to become an English Tutor?” Well, because English is a language that are being used as communication tool all aroud the globe, yep even in the forest “world”. It’s true! English has been used in IFSA (International Forestry Student Association), an organization that I passed by as a member in my college days.  It will be easier for you to survive in the foreign forest if you have more than body language to communicate with locals, that’s why I’ve been learning  other language too. But I hope you don’t need to get lost in the forest to get motivated to learn English hehehe…

I have been learning English since preschool. Believe me it was not easy to learn English, you’ll need a lot of practice. But practice is easier if you get fun for doing it, if you happy learning English you’ll be faster and better at learning it than I did. You will get some practice from me, some you will get from the fun you’ve been doing in your life, your hobbies, your communities, your works, and I will help you gain the practice from those activities.  If You Can Be Better At One Thing Then You Will Be Able to Better At Anything. Let’s have fun with those TOEFL and IELTS!

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