Hello, my name is Acyuta Kirana and I’m currently a housewife residing in Bali. English was my favorite subject in school back then, learning English was fun for me and it should be fun for you too. I love pop culture like music, movies, tv series, and games. We can definitely learn English from them! I promise to make it fun to you. I scored 103 on TOEFL iBT and 7.5 on IELTS, all first time. My hobby when I was in International Relationship major in UGM was to join international events for students and I went to many of them. Such as HPAIR in Harvard, IYLC in Prague, and more.

Past Continuous Tense menjelaskan mengenai kejadian di masa lampau yang masih berlangsung dalam waktu yang disebutkan. Dengan kata lain, Past Continuous Tense berfungsi ketika kita ingin memberitahu kejadian di masa lampau yang sedang berlangsung. Pada umumnya, kalimat ini sering kita jumpai pada dongeng anak-anak seperti “Once upon a time, there was a man riding his horse…” atau “Cinderella was dancing with the prince…”.

Kalimat ini juga dapat digunakan ketika kegiatan di masa lampau yang disebutkan diinterupsi oleh sesuatu, misalnya “I was having a really good dream when my mother woke me up…”. Penggunaan kalimat Past Continuous Tense dengan menggunakan kata ‘wonder’ juga bisa digunakan untuk meminta sesuatu hal dengan sopan seperti “I was wondering if you could cook me dinner tonight.” Contoh-contoh penggunaan kalimat Past Continuous Tense yang lainnya adalah:

  • They were cooking dinner when Sam arrived.
  • Norma was cleaning her motel when Dylan broke his arm.
  • When the show started, I was going to the bathroom.
  • When we arrived, he was taking a bath.


Bentuk Kalimat Past Continuous Tense

Subject Was/Were Base + ing
Affirmative She was reading
Negative She wasn’t reading
Interrogative Was she reading?
Interrogative Negative Wasn’t she reading?


Affirmative Negative Interrogative
I was playing I was not playing Was I playing?
You were playing You were not playing Were you playing?
He/She was playing He/She was not playing Was he/she playing?
They were playing They were not playing Were they playing?
We were playing We were not playing Were we playing?
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